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A Zionist Podcast- By Zionist Women for Zionist Women

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Sunday May 19, 2024

In Episode 6 of Call Her Zionist, host Rae welcomes Ra'nana, who was born in Belarus and grew up in Canada. In her early 20s, Ra'nana made a life-changing decision to move to Israel and serve the country as part of the IDF. Her narrative and perspectives on life and the conflict are both intricate and eloquently expressed. 

Sunday Mar 31, 2024

In Episode 5 of Call Her Zionist, host Rae speaks with Sydney Caen- known as Syd. Jewish, Zionist and proud of it Syd tells us about her experiences being so in the world of Rodeo, being a vocal about it as Miss Rodeo Tennessee, and about a delegation to Israel she went on not long after 10/7, plus a rather wild story about another trip to Israel with a Christian delegation. 

Sunday Mar 17, 2024

In Episode 4 of Call Her Zionist, host Rae dives into conversation with Daniella for an in-depth conversation about their journeys with conversion and their profound connection to Judaism post-Mikva. From her initial reform conversion to a deep commitment to Judaism with an Orthodox conversion, Daniella shares her personal narrative of the conversion process and the transformative experiences along the way.

Sunday Feb 25, 2024

In part two of Call Her Zionist's third episode host Rae continues in conversation with Yarden Cohen. The ladies will continue speaking about Zionism, what growing up in Israel was like for Yarden and get into Bella Hadid in the Cutting Horse Industry. 
Find the link below for Yarden's family's Jewellery bussiness 

Sunday Feb 18, 2024

In Part One of Call Her Zionist's third episode host Rae engages in a conversation with Yarden Cohen. Yarden, spent her early years in Israel, and later moved to the United States to follow a career in the cutting horse industry. The girls will cover horse girl life in both Israel and Texas, provide insights into what Osteopathy is, address the nuances of being Jewish and Israeli in Texas, and, of course, delve into the current state of the world and Zionism.

Sunday Feb 11, 2024

In Episode 2 of Call Her Zionist, host  Rae speaks with two young Jewish women who share their experiences as proud Zionists on a Canadian university campus. Tune in as they discuss participating in Pro-Israel clubs and various student fellowships, providing a glimpse into the unique challenges and victories that come with embracing Zionism in an academic setting.

Saturday Feb 03, 2024

In Episode 1 of Call Her Zionist, host Rae gives a brief description and history of Zionism, featuring personal experiences and insights. The episode touches on the tragic events of October 7th, 2023, when Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel, which lead to widespread murder, rape, torture and the hostage taking of Israeli civilians. Rae will sharea survivor testimonie, emphasizing the need to remember and discuss these events. The episode also delves into the emotional impact, coined as the "new good," and Rae's personal connection to Zionism as a proud Jewish woman.
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